There are 3.8 billion email accounts worldwide, and 281 billion emails were sent per day in 2018. Chances are, your business has contributed a bit to that number.

After a while, the accumulated emails can get unruly, not to mention become problematic as well. To solve those problems, you should consider email archiving.

Here are 10 reasons why a hosted email archiving solution can benefit your business.

1. Better inbox management

When it comes to email, you (and your employees) may be guilty of hoarding. You never know when you’ll need that piece of information again, after all. This leads to an unsightly, cluttered inbox where nothing can be found.

By implementing mail archive software, you can finally let go of those years-old emails. They’ll go safely to rest in the archives, where you can conjure them up again should you need them.


2. Speed up your mail server

This reason goes hand-in-hand with reason #1. When everyone’s inbox is crammed with emails, it can put a strain on your mail server. The more emails there are, the slower it’ll get, to the point where it’s unworkable.

Enterprise email archiving enables everyone in your organization to clear out their inboxes and put currently irrelevant emails into the archives. This relieves the stress on your mail server and lets it work at the speed it should.


3. Excellent email recovery

How many times have you accidentally deleted the email, tried to recover it, but found it was lost in the void? This can be a fatal mistake when dealing with important clients.

You can ward off such blunders with email archiving. Anything deleted is saved in your email archiving software, which means you can recover them at any time. Any accidental deletions in your organization can then be quickly rectified.


4. Get backup of other data

Although the name sounds like they only save emails, email archiving solutions actually do so much more. Any information that could be associated with emails, such as agenda events, contact information, and more, is also archived.


5. Manage work and client information better

Much of the communication done between you, your employees, and clients are through email. Have you ever remembered that an essential piece of information was in an email chain, but couldn’t put your finger on which one it was?

It can quickly become frustrating opening hundreds of emails to find the pertinent information, only to turn up with nothing. Plus, it’s a massive waste of time. Your emails will not only be safe and sound in an email archiving solution, but it’ll also be easy to search through for precisely what you need.


6. Increase productivity

email archiving

Again, when email is the primary form of communication, it can be time-consuming trying to retrieve pieces of pertinent information from your inbox. Categorizing emails can cut down on time wasted sorting through emails.

Email archiving software usually has general and granular auto-tagging features.

By streamlining email categorization with tagging, you’ll see increased productivity in your employees.


7. Relieve stress on your IT department

Your IT department should use its skills and talents on more complicated matters. But often, they get bogged down in managing your mail server, especially storage issues. When this happens, more important IT issues can fall to the wayside.

Help your IT team by implementing mail archiving solutions. This can help them focus on priorities better and keep your enterprise running smoothly.


8. Keep good records

You can do your best to run your company as well as you can, but litigations and other legal issues still may arise. Without proper records, it may be hard to defend yourself in court, leading to a lost case.

But with enterprise email archiving, you have a fighting chance. You’ll have email records dating back to years before, making e-discovery simple to carry out. Not only that but with the archiving technology, you can accumulate the relevant emails quickly without having to sift through them yourself.


9. Protect trade secrets

With cybercriminals always at large, it’s vital to take precautions in protecting your intellectual property. Any leaks and it could spell doom for your business.

When you utilize email archiving software, you’ll get added layers of protection. Should any scammers get past your initial defenses, any intellectual property in emails will be locked away in the software, out of their reach.


10. Comply with data laws

The most important item on this list:


Regulations for data compliance say that you must store all your data on a long-term basis. You can’t just delete it when it’s no longer relevant.

By using an email archiving solution, you’ll not only reap the benefits of the above nine points, but you’ll also ensure that your business is compliant with data laws.

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