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When you use email forwarding service, the emails you receive at your website will be forwarded to your primary address, which will still keep it private. The best thing about using this service is that it will gather emails from all your different mail accounts in a single place, which would be easy because you don’t have to check all your mails at various sources every time. Many identities are set up in the email client, which is also known as an email reader. Some of the identities that can be created are identities for work, friends, and family. Once you provide one email address for all, every mail you receive would be accessed from one inbox but grouped into respective identities for convenient handling.

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Email Forwarding Service



Difference Between Email Forwarding And Regular Email

As you know, a regular email has an inbox that would store all the mails, and also help you send messages to others, whereas the email forwarding service doesn’t save your email in an inbox; instead, it routes your mails from your different accounts to an address you suggest.

Pros And Cons Of Using Email Forwarding Services

Everything has its pros and cons. The same applies here. First, let’s look at the cons.

Cons Of Email Forwarding

  • When a non-organization e-mail address is used to reply to the emails that have been received by the organization’s email address, it does not look professional.
  • Also, some may not have trust in the organization’s address as it does not contain its domain name.

Pros Of Email Forwarding

  • You will be able to collect all the mails from wherever you are by using the forwarding service.
  • You know that if the Gmail addresses are misspelled, the mails would not be sent to the right address, but if you use this service and if you set up the spelling variations, it will correct the spellings automatically, and the mail will be sent to the specific address.
  • You can pass the mails to many receivers from a single address. For example, if there is a team of individuals, then the mails can be forwarded to that specific team, and then it would be received by the members of the team from the address of that team.
  • When customers message you, and if you are away from the workplace, this service would auto reply to the messages, and you may respond to all the emails later during work.
  • Another benefit is that it saves you time. When customers have the same repeated queries, this service would answer them and save your time.

Whether for yourself or your small team of a few people or even for a team of hundreds of people, it is recommended to go for email forwarding services. There are a lot of prominent providers who offer email forwarding services at reasonable rates. Ensure the requirements for your enterprise, compare features provided by multiple services, and choose the one that suits you the best.

Should you Forward that Email? Maybe not.

Should you Forward that Email? Maybe not.

We forward business emails all day, every day and never give it another thought. But maybe we should. According to a University of Arkansas law professor, it could violate copyright law.

In a major article examining the strength of legal arguments to protect private email expression, a University of Arkansas law professor concludes that, based on the historical common law, today’s Federal Copyright Act does not protect someone from copying and distributing another person’s private expression, which means that forwarding email without permission of the sender may be against the law. Going back more than 250 years, the common law recognized that authors of personal correspondence hold absolute property rights in their private expression,” said Ned Snow, assistant professor of law.

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The One Time You Absolutely Do Not Want to Use Email Forwarding

The One Time You Absolutely Do Not Want to Use Email Forwarding

Email forwarding is so common place, most people don’t give it another thought. But, as I pointed out in a recent post, email forwarding isn’t always smart to do.

In that post, I point out a handful of reasons why blindly forwarding emails can get you into a little hot water. First, there are the copyright issues. When someone writes an email, it is by definition, copyrighted. Depending on who you are forwarding it to, where and how often, you could be in violation of copyright law.

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Email Forwarding: Easy to do but not Always Smart to do

Email Forwarding: Easy to do but not Always Smart to do

At DuoCircle, we offer email forwarding. We understand that at this point email forwarding is more or less a commodity. Oh sure, you want your email forwarding to come with advanced features like forwarding groups, spam/virus protection and seamless integration into your email service. But, just because email forwarding is easy to do, doesn’t mean it’s always smart to do.

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Alumni Email Forwarding Service

Alumni Email Forwarding Service

One of the things that we have noticed in the last few years is that the migration to the cloud has created a huge gap created by the migration to the cloud by Universities and Colleges. While Office 365 or Google Apps are attractive options of hosting current students and faculty and staff, they are not a good fit to handle the unique needs for alumni email forwarding.

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