Email is often referred to as the lifeblood of any organization. Without the ability to search and retrieve information in a timely manner, decision making and normal day to day operations can grind to a halt. The ability to quickly and easily search for and find information in archived storage is vital to the ongoing success of any corporation.

Email documents conversations, allows collaboration, tracks transactions, and witnesses contract negotiations. Archiving systems that impair an employee’s ability to seamlessly search and retrieve information directly impact an organization’s ability to continue to conduct business.

DuoCircle’s Email Archiving provides fast search and retrieval tools while maintaining a high degree of security, dependability, and scalability. Users can take advantage of Outlook 365 integration to retrieve information in seconds, whether it be one email or thousands in support of an e-discovery request. Your organization will benefit from the security of a unified cloud-based archive, without incurring the expense associated with costly on-site hardware and software solutions

The Right Tools Make Email Search Easy

Without effective archiving, successful email search and retrieval is impossible. DuoCircle’s Cloud-Based Archiving archives all email whether it be inbound, outbound or internal email communications. This enables administrators to search the archived data quicker and more cost-effectively. Employees can search email archives and retrieve information anywhere, any time in seconds.


Cloud-Based Archiving from DuoCircle provides:

  • Control of retention policies from a centralized management console
  • Multiple copies of encrypted email stored in geographically dispersed data center locations
  • Smart retention and mailbox size management tools that reduce the IT department overhead and infrastructure costs.
  • Powerful administrative tools allowing emails to be searched for purposes of e-discovery. This provides organizations with the capability to rapidly respond to potential litigation threats, and gives visibility not only into policy-modified but original emails as well.

DuoCircle’s Email Archive Search: The Verdict Is IN!

Choosing DuoCircle for your organization’s email search and retrieval solution is the obvious choice. With DuoCircle Email Search:

  • Employees spend less time searching email inboxes and archives, and more time acting upon the information they find. An intuitive search interface allows users to search from any location, at any time.
  • Costs are reduced drastically. Not only are hardware and software costs for on-site archiving eliminated, but load on existing servers is reduced. Also, help-desk requests for searching archives and finding lost data are reduced.
  • Administrators spend less time meeting regulatory requirements. DuoCircle’s solution provides end-to-end support and tools to meet compliance, e-discovery, and litigation requirements, leveraging the power of perpetual retention and using compliance-driven chains of custody.

Searching emails and retrieving information is powerful and simple with DuoCircle.

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