Email data is the lifeblood of any organization. In a very real sense, the organization is its email: a company’s email reflects its management, its policies and procedures, and its daily business planning. It documents transactions, records conversations, and is the most used collaboration mechanism. To get the most out of email data, an organization must allow its employees to search inboxes and archives simply and effectively. But to provide that level of accessibility, messages must be archived securely, yet remain accessible to provide a real-time search and retrieval experience to users.

DuoCircle’s Email Archiving service is the solution. DuoCircle provides a cloud-based email archiving solution that is tightly-integrated and secure, yet gives users the access they need to search and retrieve vital information. Administrators can take advantage of console-based tools to set retention policies and fulfil regulatory compliance, e-discovery, and litigation readiness requests. DuoCircle e-mail archiving offers a scalable, secure, and accessible solution, without the cost of hardware and software provisioning associated with a traditional on-site solution.

The Right Tools Make Email Search Easy

Without effective email archiving, successful email search and retrieval is impossible. DuoCircle’s Cloud-Based Archiving archives all email: inbound, outbound and internal email communications. This enables administrators to search the archived data effectively. Employees can search email archives and retrieve information anywhere, any time, from any device in seconds.

Cloud-Based Archiving from DuoCircle provides:

  • Control of retention policies from a centralized management console
  • Multiple copies of encrypted email stored in geographically dispersed data center locations
  • Smart retention and mailbox size management tools that reduce the IT department overhead and infrastructure costs.
  • Powerful administrative tools allowing emails to be searched for purposes of e-discovery. This provides organizations with the capability to rapidly respond to potential litigation threats, and gives visibility not only into policy-modified but original emails as well.

Of course, DuoCircle’s Enterprise Information Archiving works seamlessly with Microsoft Office 365 Outlook archiving, giving users continuity, secure email messaging, and file sending abilities.

The Benefits of DuoCircle Email Search are Obvious

Choosing DuoCircle for your organization’s email search needs is the obvious solution. With DuoCircle Email Search:

  • Employees spend less time searching email inboxes and archives, and more time acting upon the information they find. An intuitive search interface allows users to search using mobile and desktop apps, from any location, at any time.
  • Costs are reduced drastically. Not only are hardware and software costs for on-site archiving eliminated, but load on existing servers is reduced. Also, help-desk requests for searching archives and finding lost data are reduced.
  • Administrators spend less time meeting regulatory requirements. DuoCircle’s email archival solution provides end-to-end support and tools to meet compliance, e-discovery, and litigation requirements, leveraging the power of perpetual retention and using compliance-driven chains of custody.

Email search is powerful and simple with DuoCircle.



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