We anticipate that the DNS migration to Cloudflare on July 20th, 2019 will be uneventful, however in the event that there is an issue we have incorporated DNS redundancies into your
email services.

Starting in 2016 we began recommending that all of our customers utilize DNS redundancy on
multiple Top Level Domains (https://www.duocircle.com/announcements/new-mx-records-dns-redundancy) for their
MX records.

With these records are in place, even the failure of the .org domain would not have
an impact on mail flow.

However, if you are reading this, chances are that there was an issue with the migration.
Please update your MX records based on the type of service you have:

Email Gateway / Email Forwarding / Phishing Protection
MX 10 Your custom MX Record (from customer portal) or mx1.mailhop.org
MX 20 mx1.mailhop.us
MX 30 mx1.mailhop.co
MX 40 mx1.mailhop.co.uk

Backup MX
MX 5 Your current mx record – this is your current email server
MX 10 Your custom MX Record (from customer portal) or mx2.mailhop.org
MX 20 mx2.mailhop.us
MX 30 mx2.mailhop.co
MX 40 mx2.mailhop.co.uk

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