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Emergency Nettica Migration

Incident Summary Due to a system outage on Tuesday June Jun 20, 2017 – 13:11 PDT, Major Outage requiring all Nettica hosted email customers be migrated to the new DuoCircle hosted email platform. Timeline as we became aware…


We became aware of a system delivery issue because our delivery checks from MXToolbox failed and then alerted us within two minutes of the issue starting. Engineering was staff responded immediately, there was no delay between notification and the time we started investigating.

We posted to the status page and created a communication channel at – http://status.www.duocircle.com/incidents/xym3q19bxmp5 . Our goal is to be extremely transparent during all incidents.

Root Cause

The server failed to reboot and then we were unable to mount the storage drives.

Resolution and recovery


Information you need right now

Post Mortem

We would like to apologize personally for this outage. We most certainly wanted to migrate in a planned fashion.

As you experienced we had a similar outage just over a month ago where we decided to move our migration plans forward.

The team here at DuoCircle has been working very hard over the last 3 months to safely migrate your accounts in a much-needed upgrade to the old Nettica infrastructure.  We had already been Beta testing our new infrastructure and were days away from launching it.

We analyzed both options and after much thought and deliberation decided to do the migration right away following our plan that had been prepared previously for our upcoming migration. And it would take almost the same amount of time as to restore on the new infrastructure VS the old infrastructure and we knew that the old infrastructure was not reliable. From talking to our customers during these outages we know how much downtime can affect your business or life.

We have migrated all of the Nettica accounts to our new infrastructure successfully.

For the next few days, your old mail will be accessed from www.mailhostingservice.com
and new mail from webmail.mailhostingservice.com

We are in the process of migrating all of your historic emails to your new mailbox. We have not yet migrated your contacts and will be planning that as soon as the migration has completed.

The new platform running on the AWS cloud using the latest hardware, a modern and device responsive mail interface and also now supports IMAP.

Please reach out to our live technical support.

Take a look at the video above for a quick “how to video” showing how to use the webmail interface and some of it’s settings. It is well thought out and easy to use.

We appreciate your understanding and you sticking by us during the difficult time. Our team is working day and night to get this migration completed successfully and as fast and efficiently as possible.

Corrective and Preventative Measures

The migration was most certainly a large corrective measure.
We are actively monitoring all of the mail logs and support channels to troubleshoot any issues.

We are in the process of ensuring that all customers are using the correct MX records everyone should update their MX records to mx1.mailhostingservice.com or follow this guide – https://support.duocircle.com/support/solutions/articles/5000655158-what-are-the-dns-records-for-nettica-email-

Personal Notes

I am personally very impressed with the speed and professionalism of the teams responded to the issue and that our alerting system worked as designed. Thank you to our customers for your understanding, and we will be migrating mailhostingservice.com over to a new system as soon as possible. – Brad Slavin

Brad Slavin

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