Organizations of all sizes are facing a growing volume of data that must be securely archived, yet accessible and comply with regulatory constraints.

Enterprise cloud email solutions can decrease the overhead of on-site solutions, both in terms of management and hardware costs. The centralized storage and management of cloud-based solutions can also help organizations more easily achieve compliance goals, as well.

While Microsoft Outlook does contain tools for archiving of information, such a solution on its own is not adequate to meet today’s increasing volume of email and files using email host. A more robust solution is needed. Some companies attempt on-site archival storage using their e-mail hosting provider, but the costs associated with this method are prohibitively high. Cloud Storage offers a low-cost and highly secure solution.

DuoCircle’s Enterprise Information Archiving services are the solution for organizations wishing to set up secure, stable, and scalable cloud-based archiving. Users can rapidly search and access archives and deleted emails. Administrators are given easy to use and powerful tools to manage compliance and litigation requests. Retention management profiles are simple to set up and can be set at any level of the organizational hierarchy. DuoCircle’s solution also provides unparalleled security to mitigate against data loss, corruption, and threats.

DuoCircle is the obvious choice for an increasing number or companies around the world when it comes to Enterprise Information Archiving Services.

DuoCircle Cloud-Based Enterprise Information Archiving

DuoCircle’s Enterprise Information Archiving solution is the leading cloud-based email and attachment archiving solution in the world. It provides a single centralized data archive and the right tools to manage it. Administrators are given everything they need right out of the box to manage mailboxes, e-discovery, and litigation support. Being a cloud-based solution, DuoCircle offers virtually unlimited scalability. All of this comes at a fraction of the cost of traditional on-site solutions: hardware and infrastructure management costs are eliminated, and the overall TCO is greatly reduced.

DuoCircle’s Enterprise Information Archiving provides:

  • Secure cloud-based storage of encrypted email and attachments.
  • Geographically dispersed data centers storing multiple copies of each item for redundancy.
  • Immediate access to archived information for employees and admins so they can find information in seconds, without the need for help desk support.
  • Ubiquitous access to personal archives from any device, any time, anywhere in the world.
  • Retention management tools that are easy to use, allowing policy-driven retention at any level of the organizational hierarchy, from the entire organization right down to the folder level.
  • End-to-end support for compliance, e-discovery, and litigation requests.
  • Audit trails and access logging including tagging for searches and message views.
  • Pricing based on the number of actual mailboxes, rather than the volume of email, reducing the total cost of ownership to IT and the organization as a whole.

The Benefits are Clear!

With DuoCircle’s Enterprise Information Archiving, your organization will:

  • Provide users instant access to archived email and files, enhancing their productivity.
  • Move large volumes of stored messages off the Exchange servers and into the cloud, where it belongs.
  • Provide enhanced support in the event of local server data loss, through the ability to restore server data from a dedicated, redundant, immutable cloud-based archive.
  • Limit calls to the help desk for technical support from users, who will be able to access their own archive data quickly and easily, including deleted emails.
  • Eliminate the costs associated with new hardware and provisioning and drastically reduce the management costs associated with archive storage.
  • Respond to compliance, litigation, and e-discovery requests in a timely, cost effective, and uncomplicated manner.

DuoCircle’s Enterprise Information Archiving solution really is the best solution for organizations wishing to save time and money on secure archiving.


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