Here’s a quick, one-question quiz:

If you got phished, you most likely:

  1. Opened a malicious email attachment
  2. Clicked on a malicious link in an email

Well, according to Proofpoint’s Q3 2019 Threat Report, if you got phished, there’s an 88% chance it’s because you clicked on a malicious link. So, the correct answer is #1. And that’s just one of the findings in the latest quarterly report.

Other key findings highlight the fact that the volume of Remote Access Trojans (RAT) and Banking Trojans doubled from the previous quarter. “Remote Access Trojans are programs that provide the capability to allow covert surveillance or the ability to gain unauthorized access to a victim PC.” A Banking Trojan “disguises itself as a genuine app or software that users download and install. Once installed, it then positions itself in a way to access your banking details.”

When it comes to phishing attacks, RATs and Banking Trojans are about as dangerous as they come. They’re like giving a hacker the username and password to your banking account. And when it comes to phishing attacks, the single biggest step you can take is to protect yourself from malicious embedded links in emails.

There are two techniques to protect you from malicious embedded links in emails. The first is to scan the email for malicious links BEFORE it hits your inbox and to block threatening emails. It’s pretty hard to click on a malicious link if the email never makes it into your inbox.

The other way is to scan the email for malicious links AFTER it hits your inbox. Some of the most advanced phishing emails today send emails with safe links which later turn malicious only after the email arrives in your inbox. So, the initial scan turns up negative and delivers the email to you. But, with “real-time” link protection, even if you click on a malicious link after the email arrives, you’re still protected, because it doesn’t let you get to the linked-to website if it’s malicious.

You know the problem. So, what’s the solution? Phishing Protection form DuoCircle. Phishing Protection from DuoCircle comes with true, real-time link click protection. So, you’re protected from malicious links in an email no matter what.

Phishing Protection from DuoCircle is cloud-based, which means there’s no hardware, software or maintenance AND you can be up and running in 10 minutes. It costs pennies per email per month, comes with 24/7 live technical support and you can try it risk-free for 30 days.

Don’t become a victim to a RAT or Banking Trojan. Protect yourself from the 88%. Get Phishing Protection from DuoCircle today.

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