Say what you will about hackers, but they do their homework. They don’t just send out phishing emails willy nilly. The send them out and measure their effectiveness, including what day of the week is the most effective to send them on.

According to an article on, research “has revealed more malicious emails are delivered on Monday mornings than any other day.” As if Mondays weren’t bad enough already. “More than 30 per cent of all cyber-attack emails sent by opportunistic hackers and scammers go out on the first day of the week, declining steadily with each passing weekday.”

Apparently, the explanation for the Monday attacks is something called “social jet lag (caused by changing your sleeping patterns over the weekend.” The theory goes that since you’ve just spent the last two days sleeping in, on Monday morning, your body hasn’t adjusted, so early on you’re not quite awake yet. And that’s when the hackers come calling. They probably time it to arrive before you’ve had your coffee too.

According to the article, “What attackers are looking for is the maximum point of vulnerability, and if you think about when we are most vulnerable, it’s when we’re occasionally overwhelmed.” Like on Monday mornings with 100 emails in our inbox? Clever!

I think we can all agree that hackers are smart, relentless and continuously evolving. If there’s a weakness, they will find it. Really, what chance have you got? You can be alert 99% of the time. The hackers only need to get it by you once. You’d be wise to get some help.

If you’d like to protect yourself from these persistent hackers on Monday and every other day, you need phishing protection software with real-time link protection from DuoCircle. It blocks malicious attachments and malicious links. It sets up in 10 minutes, costs pennies per email per month and comes with 24/7 live technical support.

Don’t let hackers take advantage of your sleep patterns. Take away their Monday morning advantage with phish protection from

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