Spam is more than a nuisance — it is a scourge that, if unchecked will wreak havoc on an entire organization. In the best case, inboxes are flooded with oceans of superfluous email, and servers are overwhelmed. In the worst case, spam can be a vector for malicious attachments, malware and viruses.

Protection from spam is a must. If the threat of spam is ignored, productivity will suffer and network performance will be impacted under mountains of traffic. Malicious links and weaponized attachments in spam email can

  • breach security,
  • damage corporate reputation, and
  • directly attack your bottom line.

An effective anti-spam solution can be extremely costly, however. DuoCircle provides world-class spam protection though its Spam Filtering Gateway, a component of the Advanced Threat Defense Suite. More and more organizations are turning to DuoCircle for complete threat protection at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.

The DuoCircle Spam Filtering Gateway

Spam Filtering Gateway from DuoCircle is a part of the Advanced Threat Defense Suite: an integrated, multi-tiered threat protection solution. DuoCircle provides spam filtering services to clients worldwide. With data centers located on multiple continents, you can take advantage of cloud based email or use your own email server in conjunction with our commercial grade spam filtering engine.

The high performance Spam Filtering Gateway and our network are designed specifically to minimize delays and deliver only clean email to employee’s inboxes. Typically, a message spends less than 4 seconds in DuoCircle’s network before being sent along to your corporate email server.

About 14.5 billion spam emails are sent every single day.


DuoCircle’s Spam Filtering Gateway solution provides:

  • The removal of 99% of all spam from your inbound email along with a 0.0001% false positive count.
  • A reduction of unwanted mail through user-configurable message content filtering.
  • The security of 100% protection against viruses and malware with 100% uptime.
  • Employee ability to set policies to filter permitted and blocked senders.
  • Support for email validation, including DKIM and DMARC.

In order to provide this level of protection, DuoCircle uses detection engines that are sophisticated and multi-layered, alongside intelligence that identifies and mitigates against the risks posed by spam. Other known and emerging threats are identified and eliminated before they can cause havoc on your network. And costs are kept lower than comparable solutions.

Advanced Threat Defense

Email-based threats are the source of 91% of successful corporate attacks. But spam isnt’ the only form of email based threat. There is also ransomware embedded in emails in the form of malicious links and weaponized attachments, email phishing attacks that compromise employees and entire corporations, and the ever present threat of viruses and other forms of malware. In light of the multiplicity of threats, it makes sense to combine your spam filtering solution with threat detection systems to defend against email-borne attacks.

DuoCircle Advanced Threat Defense pulls together all the tools your organization needs in a single integrated solution to protect and defend your employees from spam, malware, ransomware, phishing, and malicious attachments. Using an intelligent classification engine, we detect these threats in real-time and defend against them with the highest possible level of accuracy. Threats are stopped in their tracks before they can wreak havoc on your network.

Advanced Threat Defense from DuoCircle provides:

  • Protection from malware and zero-day attacks, with 100% availability.
  • Spam protection that eliminates 99% of all incoming spam with a false positive rate of less than one in ten thousand.
  • Unlimited users and unlimited inbound message volume
  • Protection against domain name spoofing
  • Blocking of malicious attachments.
  • Real-time activity logs, with access to the email queue and click reporting
  • Smart Adaptive Quarantine, which puts the burden of sorting spam messages on the sender rather than the recipient.
  • A thirty day backup queue – 30 days of MX backup service included
  • Chat, email and phone support is available 24/7







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