We are happy to announce that the Smart Quarantine services a feature that was previously only available on accounts with more than 150 email addresses is now available for all of our Email Gateway and Email Forwarding clients.

Smart quarantine all but eliminates false positives for messages misclassified as spam.

The Smart Quarantine is a progressive approach to keeping your inbox clean. Rather than a traditional quarantine folder that needs to be checked each day by your end users, we are now notifying the sender that their message was quarantined and giving them the opportunity to release the message themselves.

The sender will receive and email notification with instructions on how to release the message and the recipient will have the ability to confirm and release the false positive.


What we have found is that Spammer do not release these messages but false positives are quickly remedied. It’s a win win situation for the sender and you the recipient.

The Smart Quarantine is available as an add on service for $30 per year, but for the next 14 days we are offering 30% off coupon code “smartq”.

You can use this if you are an existing customer, or if you are ordering new service. Note, smart quarantine is only available for Email Gateway and Email Forwarding services.

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