(San Diego, CA – January 8, 2020)

DuoCircle is a cloud-based email security solutions company and DuoCircle is offering a Free MX Backup Services account to help ease some of the business impact that the fires have had on Australia.

“There are so many businesses that have probably lost power, lost their business, lost internet due to the raging catastrophic forest fires in Australia” said Brad Slavin, CEO of DuoCircle. “This is a goodwill gesture, and is a call out to other businesses, to be aware that they can easily and inexpensively protect their digital assets from catastrophic events like this” said Mr. Slavin.

Participants from Australia may visit the DuoCircle website to sign up and activate their plan for free on DuoCircle.com – MX Backup page with code “bushfire” for 3 months of free service.

MX Backup ensures that email messages are not lost when an email server goes off line due to Internet connectivity, system failure or natural disasters. It is considered a best practice to have one or backup email servers available should the primary email server go down. MX (mail exchange) records are a way of specifying which backup email servers are responsible for handling incoming email in the event that the primary email server is unavailable.

DuoCircle’s MX Backup Service acts as a queue and automatically backs up emails when the primary email server is unavailable. MX Backup Service is simple to configure and accommodates a full thirty days of backup with unlimited email volume. It integrates with all the top email server solutions, allows access via webmail and uses a TLS-encrypted tunnel for secure message delivery. The plan is currently only available for businesses based in Australia.


About DuoCircle:

DuoCircle, a privately-held company based in San Diego, CA, is a provider of inbound and outbound email security solutions including Advanced Threat Defense, phish protection, spam filtering, outbound email filtering and Smart Quarantine. DuoCircle protects over 25,000 businesses and millions of mailboxes worldwide with business-critical messaging for complex environments. To learn more about DuoCircle’s services, visit duocircle.com

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