At DuoCircle, we offer email forwarding. We understand that at this point email forwarding is more or less a commodity. Oh sure, you want your email forwarding to come with advanced features like forwarding groups, spam/virus protection and seamless integration into your email service. But, just because email forwarding is easy to do, doesn’t mean it’s always smart to do.

As things turn out, forwarding emails can get you in a lot of trouble if you’re not careful. First, there are copyright issues to consider. According to an article on Net M@nners, “Technically, all emails are naturally copyright protected by the author upon creation. Depending on what you are forwarding, to who, where and how often could cause legal issues…” Yikes.

The second issue occurs when you use auto-forwarding, which is just email forwarding done without any human intervention. This is the service that DuoCircle provides. The problem here is, without inspecting the email, you may be forwarding personal or sensitive information. This is one of the concerns that UT San Antonio has. That’s why they put out a notice stating, “Auto-forwarding of university email to a personal email account may run the risk of email with sensitive information (patient, student, personal, research) being sent to an unsecured computer outside the university.” It’s something you have to be aware of.

If that isn’t bad enough, forwarding an email can actually get you into legal hot water based on a recent Supreme Court ruling if you’re a financial fiduciary. According to an article on, “In March 2019, the U.S. Supreme Court held that the SEC may discipline an individual for disseminating misstatements made by someone else.” In this case, “disseminating” means email forwarding.

If you need email forwarding with unlimited users, unlimited email aliases and TLS encryption, at super affordable prices, head on over to But if you do, don’t just blindly forward those emails. You’ve been warned.

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