Microsoft Office 365 Outlook is a cloud-based solution compare to traditional hosted mail, and while it provides many benefits over traditional on-site solutions, it fails to provide sufficient tools to meet the stringent legal compliance requirements that many organizations now face.

Office 365 does provide for the basic functionality quite well: journaling, litigation and in-place hold and the ability to manage retention duration policies compare to your own email hosting. But more and more organizations find themselves needing more than that. An enterprise email hosting must provide all of the above, and more: it must handle e-discovery and compliance requests.

Many organizations also maintain legacy (non Office 365) email archives as well. In these cases, Outlook email search can only partially cover the needs of the the organization as it attempts to comply with regulatory requirements.

DuoCircle Augments Outlook Email Search

Email Archiving from DuoCircle extends the capabilities of Outlook email search by providing and independent, immutable, and verifiable backup of archived email data, together with tools that enable users to search and retrieve email and admins to easily manage retention policies and regulatory requests.

By storing email from multiple archives in a single resilient and scalable cloud-based archive instead of hosted mail, DuoCircle’s solution provides a secure and unified repository for all of an organization’s legacy and current email. The integrity of the data is always secured through a combination of compliance-driven chains of custody and multiple copies of data house in geographically dispersed data centers.

DuoCircle Enterprise Information Archiving Provides:

  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Office 365, offering a full suite of tools for Outlook email search and retention policy management.
  • Reliable auditing and strong chains of custody for each message, providing actionable evidence when needed.
  • Litigation hold and e-discovery policies can be set at a granular level, allowing administrators full control over the process of identifying and retrieving data.
  • Availability of data for litigation and compliance request fulfilment, ensured by perpetual retention of email data, including deleted messages.
  • Blindingly fast search and retrieval, meaning that users can perform an Outlook email search of their archived data and retrieve and restore deleted emails.
  • The ability for users to access data from any device, any time, anywhere, through innovative and intuitive interface, without the need to call the help desk or request IT department support.
  • A unified web-based administration console, enabling admins to manage archive retention policies, e-discovery, and compliance requests quickly and more efficiently, and lowering the total cost of ownership over traditional on-site archiving solutions.

DuoCircle cloud-based archives are searchable even when Office 365 is offline due to planned downtime or an unforeseen event. This means that even when the Outlook servers are down, users can still search and retrieve information and restore deleted email. The ability to do this may also speed Outlook disaster recovery within your organization.

DuoCircle offers a world-class Outlook email search and recovery solution.

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