Managed Service Providers or MSPs provide a host of services that help clients across a lot of domains. MSPs are a welcome addition to any team for various services, from protecting their network against malicious attacks to anti-phishing solutions. However, one of the areas that they have overlooked is the ubiquitous email. It is not only an important sector but a lucrative one too. MSPs must pay more attention to email security services if they want to claim that they provide complete assistance.

Email Security: An Attractive Prospect For MSPs

The advancements in technology have seen rapid growth in communication. However, email has not changed much over the years. From large corporate houses to relatives, everybody relies on the email system for various conveniences it offers. People send billions of official and personal emails daily. Hence it is an essential option for MSPs to consider.


Why Must MSPs Include Email Security In Their Services

There are various reasons why email security services can be a beneficial addition to any MSP. Here are the most prominent ones

The Undiminishing Importance Of Emails

Given the current trends, the email is here to stay for various reasons despite many new digital communication modes. Organizations send out numerous emails every day for marketing and customer service purposes. The mere bulk of emails creates a significant prospect for MSPs concerning handling all such communication and making them secure. Hence, it becomes a great business case if MSPs start focusing on MSP email security too.

Emails Are A Main Threat Source

Email communication remains one of the top threat areas. Phishing is rampant, and most organizations fail utterly in countering it. The number of email attacks has increased dramatically in recent times. Every email is risky as there is a chance for it to cause phishing, ransomware, or malware attack. As email has gradually grown to become one of the highest threat vectors, profound and specialized action is necessary to manage it. A study by VIPRE shows that 63% of infections come through spam or phishing emails.

Email Security Needs Dedicated And Expert Service

Organizations use various traditional methods and safeguards to thwart attacks coming through emails. However, the malicious actors who send infectious emails leverage the most advanced technologies to overcome the common barriers. Even cloud-computing technologies, such as Ransomware-as-a-Service, are utilized by attackers to topple all conventional safeguards.

Therefore, there is a dire need for expert email security services that leverage high-end technologies like AI and ML algorithms in the battle against equally sophisticated malicious forces. Cyberattacks themselves have become a specialized branch of knowledge today that managing them using private in-house protection methods is no more fully reliable. With greater awareness, many organizations have been able to counter threats such as phishing to some extent. However, there are bound to be many successful hits by malicious actors, given the volume of attempts.

Email Security Is A Lucrative Revenue Source

As mentioned earlier, phishing, ransomware, and other cyberattacks originating through emails utilize cutting edge technology today. Malicious actors leverage all sorts of technological and business concepts and modalities to perpetrate the crime. They make use of cloud computing resources and software packages designed specifically for the purpose. Experts with an equal amount of sophistication and expertise are a dire requirement to curb the menace in such a scenario.

However, there has always been a shortage of professionally expert hands in cybersecurity. One of the different reasons for it is the fast pace at which technology advances. Given such a backdrop, if anyone is capable enough to provide state-of-the-art service, it will be highly welcome. MSPs that are ready to recognize the needs of the time and ready to keep pace using all possible advanced resources and maintain continual support find the situation highly beneficial from the business and revenue-generation perspectives.

Security Service Imparts Maturity To MSPs

An MSP may provide one or more of the many services in the IT-sphere. There is a wide range of such MSP reseller services, from low-end routine tasks to highly vital services. Security is a heavy word and appears at the top rungs of the MSP services ladder. Only MSPs that command a high degree of maturity in the field provide security services. Hence, if an MSP can organize itself with high-end technical expertise and provide email security services, it can develop into a highly mature label in cybersecurity. Thus providing quality email security service can significantly raise the value of a service provider.


Customer’s Benefits Of Using MSP Email Security

The specialized email security service an MSP provides to a customer can be significantly advanced than the in-house security system. The enterprise can get all the benefits required with the latest update from a managed email security provider. Here are some of those significant benefits.

All-round Email Protection: Threats can be of various forms arriving through the email channel. An MSP’s dedicated email security service can provide full and efficient protection from all sorts of threats coming through an email, such as phishing, ransomware, malware, spear phishing, and spam.

All-time Protection: A dedicated email security can provide continuous, round the clock protection 365 days a year. It utilizes real-time intelligence to take necessary precautions against emerging email threats. Since an external service provider will be dealing with many clients, threat information from one client can help take advanced caution for remaining clients for the same threat.

Dedicated URL Protection: Malicious URLs are a significant cause of phishing attacks. However highly anyone is educated in email security, there are chances to click on fake, impersonating links. However, an MSP email security service can analyze the situation and restrict it or warn the user even before they click on it.

Easy Scalability: As advanced security systems use cloud computing resources, an organization can upscale its requirements anytime without much hassle or high costs.


Final Words

As suggested earlier, MSP partner programs have an excellent opportunity of tapping the email security market since protecting emails is an essential cog in the IT Security wheel. The magnitude, the number, and the technological advancement of email threats are not the same anymore. With the rampant rise of phishing and ransomware threats and their increased sophistication, it becomes imperative for the MSPs to grab the opportunity and protect their clients from the menace. And it will undoubtedly look good on their portfolios.

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