Software-as-a Service (SaaS) has been around a while now. One of the strongest benefits of SaaS is that it affords businesses the luxury of not having to buy and/or build all of their IT services. And SaaS almost always saves companies money. But what was once a luxury, is rapidly becoming a necessity.

Now, according to a new global survey from Accenture, based on responses of 300 senior IT and business executives from large enterprises, “Business demands have outpaced the ability of IT to deliver services.” In other words, businesses can no longer do it all themselves, no matter how big they are. Which means the judicious use of SaaS is becoming a necessity.

From email security to email hosting to email archiving, the opportunities for businesses to take advantage of SaaS continue to proliferate. And it’s essential that businesses do take advantage of these technologies as demonstrated by the results of the survey.

“The report points to the misalignment between IT and business needs as the main obstacle to keeping networks in line with business demands, identified as a top barrier by 48 percent of respondents.” IT cannot keep up with business needs and one of the only ways out is SaaS.

At DuoCircle, we take pride in delivering affordable, easy-to-deploy software-based services perfectly suited for small and mid-size businesses. We understand that if the big boys can’t keep up with IT service demand, what chance do smaller businesses have?

That’s what DuoCircle is for. And it’s also why all of our software-based services come with 24/7 live tech support. That’s part of our commitment to make sure your small or mid-size business can keep up with your business demands.

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