Commencing Monday February 15th the spam filtering system for selected Nettica customers will be upgraded. We initially notified you of this change on October 30th, this is a follow up message. 

We have opened a maintenance window from the 15th until the 17th. Additional technical information is available on our status page

The goal is to provide Nettica subscribers with the front end filtering from DuoCircle rather than relying on the spam filtering from Nettica.

During this transition, email forwarding, gateway clients who’s DNS is managed by will be migrated completely to the DuoCircle platform and will no longer be managed on Nettica.

Hosted Email users will continue with the same service but will have email filtered on DuoCircle – these customers will continue to have a nettica account for managing their email / access to their inboxes and a DuoCircle account to manage their spam filtering.


Notifications – Week of Feb 7-14
Cut Over – Feb 15th – 18th

Technical Changes

In technical terms what we are doing is modifying the current MX record from: – which points directly to the Nettica servers and we are then installing a front end filter which is a completely different set of servers.

The server will then forward the email to the Nettica servers directly for Hosted Email accounts and it will replace the Nettica servers completely for email forwarding, mx backup and gateway customers.

If you are a filtering or mx backup customer and you are restricting delivery to your mail server by IP please update your list to include the DuoCircle IP address space.

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