Have you visited the new DuoCircle Status Page?

The status page located at https://status.duocircle.com is the best place to find the latest updates and alerts on the health of our systems. Noticing a delay in mail delivery or having a problem with outbound email? The status page might be able to illuminate the reason why the problems are happening and give you a better idea of when they’ll be fixed.

On the new status page, you’ll find:

  • A note whenever a critical piece of our infrastructure experiences problems.
  • Any scheduled maintenance windows (when we know ahead of time that parts of the application will be taken down).
  • An option to subscribe to updates via email, so you’ll be the first to hear about potential problems.

Why share all of this information?

Because DuoCircle is made up of several modular components, each comprised of many
servers in the cloud, there are many possible points of failure.

Thank you to Statuspage.io

If the status page looks familiar to you, it’s probably because you’ve seen a similar
version of it elsewhere. We’re using StatusPage.io to host the page and make updates to it.
They’ve built an incredibly simple yet powerful platform that’s improving experiences for both customers and businesses. We highly recommend giving them a try if your company is looking for a new status page!

You can also access the status page on the main DuoCircle site.

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