Data storage and retention are a problem for organizations of any size, and the amount of data that needs to be stored securely continues to grow. Traditional solutions are costly and time-intensive.

Cloud-Based data storage from DuoCircle can help control the costs and time investment of storing sensitive data.

Data and email archives are not only a valuable asset to your corporation, but they are the primary record of business communication, this information must remain highly available so that leadership can make decisions in a timely manner, and employees can do their jobs. But such availability can also compromise security, and securing sensitive data while still providing access can be very costly.

DouCircle’s Cloud-Based data storage provides the solution. By taking advantage of the virtually unlimited storage capacity of the cloud, the costs of on-site hard hardware and provisioning are eliminated, and the costs of scaling are drastically reduced. In addition, cloud based email security is secure and complies with all legal and compliance-related regulations, yet offers near-instantaneous search and retrieval for employees. Management of policies is easily done through the administrative console. DuoCircle is the solution for organizations wishing to find secure and accessible cloud-based data storage.

Cloud-Based Archive Storage By DuoCircle

DuoCircle’s Cloud-Based Archive Storage is a unified data storage and retention solution for email and attachments. Search and retrieval is fast and easy. Administrators can take advantage of automated tools to simplify the management of e-discovery needs and compliance with litigation support.

Multiple copies of all incoming and outgoing email, along with meta-data and copies in the case of policy enforcement changes, are kept in Duocircle’s secure cloud storage. Emails are encrypted for security and stored in geographically dispersed data centers. Multiple copies are made and kept for the purpose of redundancy.

DuoCircle’s solution also enables organizations to:

  • Rapidly search and retrieve archived email with cloud email hosting.
  • Access cloud archive storage from any device and any location.
  • Take advantage of pricing based on employee count rather than on email volume, lowering the total cost of ownership.
  • Simply manage organizational, group, mailbox, and folder level retention policies.
  • Log access to archives for auditing purposes.
  • Make use of tools for compliance, e-discovery, and litigation support, including exporting of data, case management, and legal hold if required.

Your Files and IM Conversations are also Covered!

Search and retrieval of archived information is quick and easy. By taking advantage of DuoCircle’s cloud-based solution, organizations can drastically reduce infrastructure, provisioning, and management costs associated with an on-site solution, and manage the exponential growth of sensitive data more easily.

DuoCircle offers an end to end solution for data storage and management here.

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