Traditional Enterprise Archiving solutions are costly and difficult to manage. As the quantity of email and attachments increases in the enterprise, infrastructure and management costs must continue to expand in order to meet the need. Successfully maintaining the security and integrity of the data can impact your users’ ability to search and retrieve the data. Building adequate search and retrieval solutions bear its own costs, which place an additional burden on already stressed IT infrastructures.

Meeting the need to comply with legal regulations and constantly applying retention policies requires resources as well, and as the amount of stored data increases, so too do the required resources. The number of legal and regulatory requests will also increase, again requiring an expansion of IT resources and the associated costs.

The solution to the problem is Cloud-Based Archiving from DuoCircle. With Cloud-Based Archiving, email and attachments are stored in a highly secure, stable, and scalable archive. Mailboxes are managed and e-discovery and litigation support are provided through the use of automated tools. Your users retain access to their data, with full search and retrieval capabilities. Costs are reduced, security is maintained, and users can still locate and retrieve what they need.

Cloud-Based Enterprise Archiving from DuoCircle

DuoCircle’s cloud-based archiving solution leverages the power of cloud based email security to provide a unified archive for all your email and attachments. The advantages of cloud email hosting include the lowered infrastructure costs and scalability already mentioned, but in addition, DuoCircle’s solution adds the ability to rapidly access information. In addition, the security and integrity of your data is assured – and you get all of this without the attendant costs of a traditional on-site solution.


It is vitally important for your employees to have the ability to access and retrieve their archived email in seconds, and DuoCircle’s SLA guarantees that. Users can search for a single email, and administrators can apply advanced search criteria to support e-discovery. Both sent and received email can be searched, and deleted emails can also be restored virtually instantaneously.

Administrators will appreciate DuoCircle’s Cloud-Based Archiving management capabilities. Using a single unified management console, an administrator can manage retention policies at any organizational level, and with a great degree of granularity. The integrity of your data is assured through the use of compliance-based chains of custody, and independent copies of your data are stored in geographically dispersed locations.

With Cloud-Based Archiving from DuoCircle, you can also expect:

  • Truly ubiquitous access to archived email from any device
  • Logging of archive access that shows searches and message views
  • Support for compliance, e-discovery, and litigation.
  • The ability for users to search and access their archived email without requesting or requiring support from IT.
  • Competitive pricing that is based on the number of users, not the volume of email, resulting in a much reduced total cost of ownership.

The Benefits of DuoCircle Cloud-Based Archiving

With cloud-based archiving from DuoCircle, you’ll:

  • Give users the ability to use Microsoft Outlook email search to search for and retrieve content using a simple, intuitive, and well-known interface
  • Comply with e-discovery, litigation, and compliance requests in a timely and efficient manner
  • Significantly reduce the cost and complexity of managing email archives
  • Implement and provision a highly secure cloud archiving solution with no capital outlay.

DuoCircle provides a world class Cloud-Based Archiving solution for any size organization.





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