In terms of both infrastructure and management, the costs of archiving email continues to grow. But the data must be archived and stored securely and accessible, because an organization’s email data contains vast amounts of highly sensitive and valuable business information.

Compliance with legal requests and regulatory requirements takes up an increasing amount of administrators’ time.

The security of the solution must not be compromised, but the data must also be transparently accessible to employees. Above all, safeguards must be in place to prevent leaks of information and to create an easy to search repository for compliance and litigation holds.

With Data Archiving from DuoCircle, you can securely archive in the cloud while complying with corporate data governance, retention and compliance requirements.

Cloud based email security with DuoCircle is highly scalable and resilient, and offers a much lower-cost and more secure solution that traditional on-site archiving software installed on expensive and necessary-to-maintain hardware.

Users can easily search and retrieve emails in real time and the multiple levels of control ensure that sensitive information is protected.

Administrators will manage retention and compliance through a simple web-based management console, with user definable retention and access policies.

DuoCircle Data Archiving offers both security and accessibility.

The DuoCircle Solution to Archived Data Management and Protection

  • Provides the answer to the challenge of managing archived data with a scalable, secure, and accessible cloud spam protection solution.
  • Emails and attachments are securely stored in a single unified and integrated anti spam cloud service platform.
  • Archived data remains secure using compliance-driven chains of custody, and multiple copies of email are encrypted and stored in geographically dispersed locations to provide additional security and redundancy.
  • Users can access their archives on any computer or mobile device at any time from anywhere in the world through intuitive and powerful apps.
  • Data is always available to users with blindingly fast speed, your information is accessible in real time and never relegated to cold storage.
  • One web based console allows administrators to simply and intuitively manage reporting and retention policies at any level of the corporate hierarchy.
  • Data can be retained perpetually or with time restrictions, affording the peace of mind that the data will be available when needed to support e-discovery and compliance.

The Benefits of DuoCircle Data Archive Management are Clear:

  • Employee productivity is improved through the ability to quickly search and retrieve archived information.
  • Cost and complexity of compliance request management is reduced through granular policy settings for reporting, litigation-hold, and e-discovery.
  • IT department costs are dramatically reduced due to offloading archiving from Exchange servers to the cloud spam filtering service. Technical support requests are fewer which also potentially reduces the overall IT department burden.
  • The security of your data is assured by storing multiple copies of data on geographically dispersed data centers. This achieves the highest degree of security, retention, and accessibility of your sensitive corporate data.

You can find out more about DuoCircle’s Data Archive Management solution here

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