With cybercrime estimated to cost the world $10.5 trillion per year by 2025, up from $3 trillion a decade ago and $6 trillion in 2021, the security landscape requires a boost. Thus, Microsoft has announced the expansion of its existing service capabilities under a new service category called Microsoft Security Experts.

Security Experts blend expert-trained technology with human-led services to assist businesses in being more safe, efficient, and productive.


Microsoft’s Security Strategy

Microsoft declared that the first step in its quest to supply this new category of services spanning protection, regulation, identification, managing, and confidentiality is to offer new and extended security services.

Hereby, Microsoft Security Experts offers a line of governed security mechanisms that blends human assistance with expert-trained technology to assist businesses in attaining improved security results.


Key Highlights

  1. This new suite of services delivers solutions across Microsoft’s product categories, featuring solutions for protection, compliance, identification, management, and privacy.
  2. Integrating across Microsoft’s comprehensive multi-cloud, multiplatform solutions focuses on protecting devices, identities, applications, and the cloud.


Three New Services Declared by Microsoft Security

Microsoft Security has launched three new managed services that may help you grow your team of specialists to match your requirements without recruiting and training them.


1. Microsoft Defender Experts Hunting:

It is designed for businesses with an intense security operations center but wants Microsoft to proactively hunt for risks across Microsoft Defender resources, such as endpoints, Office 365, cloud apps, and identity.

Defender Experts for Hunting is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2022.

It has the following features:

  • Investigation: Microsoft’s specialists will analyze each minor information and share the relevant alert details and remediation instructions to respond immediately.
  • Consultation: With the availability of Experts on Demand, you can consult them with a button concerning a vulnerability, nation-state actor, or attack vector.
  • Advice: You will also receive specific recommendations to assist you in better understanding and improving your security posture.


2. Microsoft Defender Experts for XDR

It is designed for businesses that need to scale up their security operations center while lowering expenses, extra noise, and manual operations. Defender Experts for XDR is a managed XDR (extended detection and response) solution that extends beyond endpoints to deliver detection and response throughout Microsoft 365 Defender, analyzing threats and responding to issues with your team using automation and human knowledge. It is expected to enter preview in the fall of 2022.

Its Features include:

Entire Coverage: Microsoft 365 Defender Experts for XDR, as a managed extended detection and response (XDR) solution help locate and respond to threats across the whole platform, using automation and human expertise to analyze threats and resolve issues.


3. Microsoft Security Services for Enterprise:

It is tailored for large organizations seeking highly sophisticated, hands-on, managed security solutions from Microsoft specialists. It is offered through a customized statement of work and is now readily available. Enterprise clients interested in this service should contact their Account Executive to know the details and follow the procedure.

Its features include:

  • Robust Solution: It is a powerful and expert-led approach that uses Microsoft’s complete SIEM (security information and event management) and XDR stack to ensure all cloud-based environments and applications are protected.
  • Expert Management: Onboarding, daily interactions, practice modernization, and incident response handled by dedicated Microsoft security specialists.


New Partnerships

Microsoft will make an additional multimillion-dollar financial commitment to its managed XDR partner ecosystem in three crucial areas this year. It will promote its verified partners’ managed XDR solutions on its marketing websites.

  1. Initial design partner for Microsoft Security Experts: BlueVoyant.
    BlueVoyant is the premier end-to-end comprehensive cyber protection platform. It provides MDR for Microsoft and Splunk and third-party risk management services.
  2. Collaboration for new security services: Avanade.
    Microsoft Corporation and Accenture LLP formed Avanade as a joint venture. Their solutions are based on an unequaled blend of insight, inventiveness, and technical understanding and are supported by time-tested tools, techniques, and best practices.


Microsoft Managed XDR Partner Investments

Microsoft plans to introduce tools to help businesses gain a profitable market position to meet exploding demand. Partners will build managed XDR services tightly integrated with Microsoft threat intelligence and increase awareness of the offerings across multiple marketing channels.

  • APIs from partners
    Enhanced APIs allow Microsoft threat intelligence to integrate seamlessly with partner solutions, enabling organizations to identify and resolve security issues quickly.
  • Microsoft introduces co-selling
    Managed XDR partners can close more deals with specialized tools that help differentiate their offering and provide immediate value for customers right from the get-go.
  • Microsoft introduces co-marketing
    In the Commercial Marketplace, new investments enhance the visibility of partner offers. Microsoft will also promote your offers to its field sales teams and approve them on Microsoft.com.


Services Offered Currently

Microsoft currently provides a broad range of incident response and advisory services to customers to modernize their security practices in times of crisis. These services delivered by Microsoft’s global team of professional services experts will now be included in the Microsoft Security Experts portfolio.

  1. Microsoft Security Services for Incident Response:
    It assists customers before, during, and after a breach. A team of incident response and recovery experts will remove the bad actor from your environment, restore your defenses after a breach, and build stability against future attacks.
  2. Microsoft Security Services for Modernization:
    It helps businesses adopt modern security capabilities and begin their cybersecurity transformation by tapping into Microsoft’s best practices and know-how.


Final Words

Microsoft intends to urge its managed detection and response partners to broaden their capabilities to assist the critical customer requirement for managed detection and response services. Security for everyone is one of Microsoft Security’s core values, so it aims to leverage its trusted connections to maximize their returns on investment with its new beginning i.e., Microsoft Security Experts.

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