The number of ransomware attacks is increasing worldwide, which forces corporate IT teams to come up with innovative solutions to combat the threat.

But email based threats like ransomware are costly and difficult to fight with on-site solutions alone. With an on-site solution, by the time the existence of ransomware is known, the threat is already wreaking havoc across the network.

Once ransomware gains access to a company’s systems, it’s too late. In the best cases, only a few isolated computers are held hostage. But if shared network drives are present, the ransomware can propagate across entire corporate networks, quickly bringing the organization to its knees.

The good news is that relatively simple email security solutions can be found to combat the threat of ransomware. Since ransomware is nearly always initiated via email, adopting a strategy that block malicious URLs and weaponized attachments is the single most effective means of defense in the fight against ransomware. DuoCircle’s Advanced Threat Defense is an effective low cost solution for organizations seeking to defend against email based threats.

Advanced Threat Defense: Effective Protection Against Email-Borne Threats

Email-borne attacks include ransomware, phishing, malware, spam, and more, and they are becoming more common and more sophisticated every day. DuoCircle’s Advanced Threat Defense brings together all the tools your organization needs into one integrated solution to protect and defend your employees from these threats. Using an intelligent classification engine, Advanced Threat Defense detects these threats in real-time and defends against them with the highest possible level of accuracy.

With Advanced Threat Defense from DuoCircle, ransomware attacks are detected and defeated. Every incoming and archived email is scanned, and suspicious attachments are identified using advanced threat detection. Advanced Threat Defense offers end to end email protection service against threats, including the ever-increasing threat of ransomware.

DuoCircle’s Advanced Threat Defense is a multi-layered approach to email threat protection that pulls all the features you need together in a single integrated solution to fight malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks.

Reliable Threat Protection From DuoCircle

DuoCircle is an industry-leading provider of secure cloud-based email security services. As an additional level of front-line protection, DuoCircle also offers the Advanced Threat Defense Suite. This powerful suite of tools and systems offers end to end protection against threats, including the ever-increasing threat of ransomware.

Advanced Threat Defense from DuoCircle provides:

  • Protection from malware and zero-day attacks, with 100% availability.
  • Spam protection that eliminates 99% of all incoming spam with a false positive rate of less than one in ten thousand.
  • Unlimited users and unlimited inbound message volume
  • Protection against domain name spoofing
  • Blocking of malicious attachments.
  • Real-time activity logs, with access to the email queue and click reporting
  • Smart Adaptive Quarantine, which puts the burden of sorting spam messages on the sender rather than the recipient.
  • A thirty day backup queue – 30 days of MX backup service included
  • Chat, email and phone support is available 24/7

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