The existence of the MSP has been there since organizations began to use technology on a large scale. Most of the new-age technologies require niche skills, which MSPs and MSSPs can provide efficiently. With the advent of the Internet, the reach of organizations improved manifolds. However, with this, also arrived various security issues, usually related to the cyber world.

Overwhelmed by the different types of challenges that technology’s growth brought along, it was merely a matter of time for MSPs to appear with full vigor on the scene. However, over time, some deficiencies may have occurred in this sector’s management. One of the glaring issues is the MSP’s marketing and staying abreast with the times’ changing demands.


How Can MSPs Up Their Service Offerings And Keep Ahead Of Their Competitors?

The following is a list of actions an MSP must seriously consider and undertake to improve their service offerings and stay ahead of competitors in the field.

Improving The Sales Pipeline

The rate at which an MSP’s revenue is generated can be gauged by how its sales pipeline is managed. Every MSP takes equal interest and pride in its sales pipeline. Moreover, a well-rounded sales pipeline is what is considered to be an efficient one. An ideal one should cover all the offerings related to the different types of managed services, as mentioned in the managed services offerings ppt file of the MSP organization. It will prevent it from a setback if a particular sector slows down. There are various types of managed service providers, and their approach will depend on the kind of services they offer.

The Importance Of Networking

One of the model philosophies of sales and marketing is to create as many sources as possible. The most common way of creating new customers is through the referral system. It is one of the underlying principles of networking. An effective networking activity will give exposure for the prospects to some managed services examples of the MSP and garner many leads, which have a great potential of turning into long-standing clients. Most organizations rely on networking to gather customers for themselves. Business networking is one of the main activities that every Business Development Manager has to consider seriously.

Offering More Customer-centric Solutions And Unparalleled Support

The most important mantra for any business is exceptional service, and it is no different for the MSP and the MSSP. The MSPs or Managed Service Providers are at the helm of an ever-changing technological universe. Most technologies face obsolescence in a short period. The new technology takes its place, and this rapid transformation has to be undertaken with the utmost care. Any misstep and the fall would be without return.

Clients are demanding too. They want services better than the rest, and since the cost of services provided are usually on the higher side, it becomes imperative for the MSP to be at the top of their game. One has to introduce more customer-centric solutions on Email Management, Network Security, and Hardware Management to the mix. It is to be noted that the most successful MSPs play the long game. They understand the pulse of their clients and design their strategies accordingly.

Keeping Up With The Latest Threats That Could Affect Your Customers

The cyber-world has a habit of nasty surprises. With the manic progress of the Internet, the various threats that have started to emanate have been mind-boggling. From hacking communities to phishing agents, malicious players indulging in ransomware to various other mischiefs have kept the world’s IT Security teams on tenterhooks. However, it has also given rise to vast opportunities.

Most of the prominent organizations do not have the in-house expertise to face these challenges. Their nature of business does not allow them to provide much focus on these threats. Hence, what is needed at the moment would then be organizations with the requisite skills and knowledge. Here appears the relevance of MSP or Managed Service Providers. They must analyze the latest threat situations through their threat assessment activities and come up with solutions.

There are various types of managed services, each with its unique challenges and solutions. The world of MSP is based on the fundamentals of horses for courses. There cannot be one solution for all needs, and should there be one, it is undoubtedly going to be a recipe for disaster.

Threat assessment is based on the needs and line of the client’s business. For financial organizations, protecting the financial data of their clients is of foremost importance. Data protection for every organization is not just a promised responsibility but a legal liability too. Any loss of data and in any form will have severe legal, financial and reputational consequences. Hence, the MSPs must ensure their preparedness to deal with the threats that may appear out of nowhere.


The Way Forward

The way forward for every MSP is to create a pool of clients loyal to them. Mainly, this referral network will generate more business. However, it is inevitable to empower the sales team to understand which clients and projects suit the MSP strength for achieving that goal. A large part of the momentum of sales lies with the sales representative, and that should never slack. The world of technology is a competitive one, and there are replacements available around the corner. Hence, MSPs and MSSPs must be at their best while providing their services.


Final Words

MSPs and MSSPs are the new technology entrants of the time. They are entrusted with the responsibility to look after prominent organizations, focusing on their niche areas. Many methods are considered to shore up their sales pipeline, some of which have been discussed in this article. Though there are many different types of managed service providers, the bottom-line remains that the one who provides excellent service will be the one who survives in the market. It is they who often appear in the lists of successfully managed service provider examples.

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