Malicious actors target Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) as attack points for malware delivery. Attacks on distribution networks have increased in frequency in recent times. The reward to any attempt that successfully infiltrates a Managed Service Provider (MSP) far surpasses the cost of the incident. Attackers install ransomware on various networks and devices after exploiting vulnerabilities in email services and systems managed by MSPs. Several managed service providers have lately acknowledged becoming victims of targeted ransomware attacks.

How Malicious Actors Target MSPs

While it has become much easier for MSSPs to sell cybersecurity services, especially as the number of cybersecurity-related incidents continues to rise, there is growing concern that malicious actors gain access to multiple networks. If attackers can gain access to the MSSP system, they can remotely install ransomware on many networks and client devices. MSPs using open source and enterprise applications further add to the vulnerability. Attackers can abuse open source MSPs and line-of-business applications used for remote administration on client networks to launch attacks. Last year, the CISA issued warnings about rising threats to IT service providers like MSPs, as they usually have unrestricted access to their customers’ networks.


Why is There a Need For MSPs to Boost Email Security?

Malicious actors may use emails to spread elaborate phishing assaults and destructive software such as ransomware. Ninety percent of cybersecurity incidents begin with a phishing email, according to the Verizon Data Breach Report 2021. Some of the risks faced by MSPs are:

  • Unaware clientele: When it comes to email risks, the main trouble for MSPs is that their end clients are generally unaware of the hazards that might emerge via the email network.
  • Time Constraints: The second main issue is that MSPs are incredibly busy and under many time constraints.

As a result, managed service providers (MSPs) must be aware of the threats associated with emails and familiar with the options to ensure email security.



How MSPs Can Boost Email Security

MSPs need to select an efficient service provider that offers the below protection or choose third-party apps to get the job done.

  • Advanced email security solutions: Most managed service offerings provide widely used tools such as Office 365, which often fall short of handling phishing attacks and zero-day threats. MSSPs need to select a suitable provider which offers protection against such threats. MSPs can also partner with third-party solutions with existing email solutions for better security.
  • Sandboxes: Sandbox add-ons allow MSPs to run and analyze unknown files safely. Sandboxes offer better email security to MSSPs as malicious files can be run safely and detected before they compromise the system. Therefore, MSPs should look for an email provider that provides a sandbox.
  • Switching to Cloud: With most services moving online and the cloud becoming more widely embraced worldwide, MSPs must migrate to the cloud and provide cloud managed service offerings, which guard against spam, malware, and phishing attacks. They also give the MSPs elasticity, backup and damage prevention, extensive file encryption, and scalability. Cloud enables MSPs to adapt to new security threats that the existing infrastructure is not capable of handling.


How Can MSPs Boost Their Business And Increase Leads?

Having discussed how MSPs can secure themselves and their clients against the rising cyber threats, below is how they can also boost their business. Marketing for MSPs can prove tiresome and expensive for many reasons, such as increasing competition and long sale cycles. Some specific types of managed service strategies to help you boost your leads and business include:

  1. Prioritizing customer support and satisfaction: Consumer happiness is one of the essential factors in expanding your client base. MSPs should make it a point to figure out how to implement and maintain their customers’ demands. Managed services definition should encompass client happiness, practical implementation of which will result in the success of your MSSP business.
  2. Using the strength of content marketing: Content marketing is another excellent way MSPs can keep their consumers informed and educated with how they work and update them with changing technologies. MSPs can indulge as much in content marketing as they wish as it is one of the most cost-efficient ways to reach out to a newer audience.
  3. Demonstrating significance: Managed service providers assist in providing cost-effective access to cutting-edge technologies. MSPs must stay current with new advancements and build new solutions around them to continue providing value to clients.
  4. Embracing IoT: MSPs must adapt to IoT in terms of industrial infrastructure and abandon the usage of the types of managed services that work on standalone servers. Today, IoT can link businesses that previously appeared to be unrelated. The connection of gadgets with Wi-Fi and other machines seems to change managed services meaning, which is subjected to further advancements with upcoming developments in the Internet of Things.
  5. Paying attention to newer technologies: MSPs are trusted technology experts that need to adapt to the latest technologies such as virtual workplaces, fin-tech, low-code automation, AI (Artificial Intelligence), and CDNs (Content Delivery Network.)
  6. Focusing on cybersecurity: Cybersecurity has been the main issue since the beginning of the Covid pandemic. As discussed above, MSPs can boost business and provide real value to customers by adopting the best email security.


Final Words

New organizations are stressed while maintaining their security posture and enhancing quality and efficiency, especially after Covid-19. With growing cybercrimes, MSPs need to implement the best email security service for managing their business. Furthermore, MSP partners can prosper by adopting state-of-the-art technologies, flexibility, and agility to be trustworthy partners to their clients and be counted among the best managed service providers.

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