What can you do when your cloud hosting provider leaves you stranded with an outage?

Today Microsoft acknowledged that Office 365 is experiencing a European outage, this is the second time in three months Office 365 has been inaccessible for an extended period of time.

While Microsoft issued a statement acknowledging there was a problem, they stated that it was only impacting “a small number of customers.” But for a company the size of Microsoft a small number may be in the millions.

These types of outages highlight the problems that can occur with cloud based email security services, which are increasingly becoming popular with organizations looking to shift from the hassle of on-site systems management.

The reality is that all systems fail at some point in time, would you prefer to have your entire companies email infrastructure residing on an own mail server in your office, or in the cloud with mail server protection, hundreds of trained engineers focused on keeping the infrastructure available.

One thing that businesses can do for continuity is to utilize a backup MX provider that provides offline access to their inbox in situations where their primary inbox is inaccessible. This email backup solution will be added later this year to the DuoCircle platform and we are confident that the ability to access and respond to mail when the primary mail server service is down will be a huge value add for our customers.

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