Email is the lifeblood of your organization, but when spam intrudes, it can go beyond a pure annoyance and become a real threat to the bottom line.

A lack of spam protection is the gateway to additional security threats; it is a vector for spear-phishing and ransomware attacks. It can contain CEO fraud attempts and compromise business email. Most of the security breaches in business today begin with an email.

The only way to prevent spam attacks is to keep these emails out of your employees’ inboxes. At the same time, great care must be taken that legitimate email gets through, and isn’t marked as a false-positive. Too aggressive a policy can result in the loss of important messages and disrupt productivity. Too lenient a policy can flood your email and archive servers with useless or dangerous information. The anti-spam solution must also be simple to implement and manage as well.

DuoCircle’s Advanced Threat Defense includes the Spam Filtering Gateway: your organization’s best line of defence in the ongoing war against spam. Spam filtering is just one component of our complete threat defence solution. When selecting a comprehensive solution that meets or exceeds your organizations’ spam filtering and threat mitigation requirements,  the clear choice.

Anti-Spam Gateway From DuoCircle

As a part of the Anti-Threat Defense Suite, DuoCircle provide spam filtering to customers all over the globe, using data centers on multiple continents and utilizing best in class data centers for all of our services.  With our cloud based Email Gateway, you can run your own mail server in your office or use a Cloud Based provider like Office 365 or G-Suite while we filter and sanitize your mail with our commercial grade spam filtering engine. Our high-performance network is specifically designed to minimize delays and deliver only clean mail to your users’ inbox, a typical message spends less than 4 seconds in our network before being delivered to your mail server.

DuoCircle also significantly reduces the time and cost of an on-site hardware-based solution. With the Anti-Spam Gateway from DouCircle, your organization will:

  • Stop 99% of spam dead in its tracks before it enters any part of your on-site system.
  • Maintain an industry leading 0.0001% false positive rate.
  • File graymail such as newsletters and mailing lists using simple filing tools to declutter inboxes.
  • Allow users to manage their own lists of who they block and who they permit, minimizing help desk calls.
  • Grant administrators the tools they need to control anti-spam policies granularly.

DuoCircle’s Anti-Spam Gateway for Targeted Threats

As part of the DuoCircle Advanced Threat Defence Suite, the Anti-Spam Gateway includes:

  • Targeted threat protection. Users are prevented from clicking on malicious URLs or opening attachments containing threats, or any attempt to seduce the user into opening an attachment in an impersonated email.
  • The ability to stop leaks and assist compliance efforts through targeted content control and DLP tools.

Our basic Spam Filtering service does not include Advanced Threat Defense with Phishing Protection, Outbound SMTP or Email Archiving, but its a 100% comprehensive and enterprise-grade spam filtering gateway that will protect your inbox from Spam, Malware and junk messages.

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