With the ever-growing need to retain and manage huge volumes of email, solutions must be found that are manageable, scalable, and secure. The cloud-based archive offers a reliable solution to all of these needs.

But are there additional costs associated with the archive? What about security concerns? Are these email archiving cloud solutions are stable and scalable? There are many questions associated with moving email to a cloud-based archive solution.

DuoCircle can help guide you to finding the right solution to your email storage needs.

Traditional storage methods have attempted to deal with this issue with on-site or purpose-built solutions, sometimes adding offsite backup for their most sensitive documents. This approach guarantees access to the data stored, but requires IT departments to carry the cost of managing and searching for the data. Security is also an issue with on-site storage. Controlling access, encrypting the data, and complying with various agencies’ regulations bears a cost in hardware, software, and personnel that many IT departments find burdensome, and many management teams find difficult to justify.

With the right cloud-based archive solution, these costs can be offloaded: management of a cloud-based archive solution is handled by the provider of the solution itself. This allows IT administrators to simplify the management and retention of email, and spend less time complying with legal and compliance requests. In addition, because there is no hardware to purchase or maintain and no software to install, costs traditionally associated with maintenance and personnel eliminated.

The answer for companies looking for a resilient and easy-to-manage cloud-based email archive solution is DuoCircle’s Email Archiving.

Cloud-based Email Archiving from DuoCircle

With DuoCircle’s cloud-based mail archiving, you can rest easy. Our solution provides security and longevity of storage, as well as tools to manage the retention of your information. The costs associated with DuoCircle’s cloud email archiving solutions are predictable, and the service can scale to meet virtually any business’s need.


DuoCircle’s cloud-based archiving includes:

Compliance: Our solution fulfils the requirement of HIPAA, SOX, GLB, NYSE, NASD, SEC, FRCP, FINRA, and other regulations.

Take Action: Filter, tag and export relevant content to meet legal, compliance and corporate governance demands.

Integration with Office 365: Easily add email archiving to Office 365 (or nearly any other provider) and take advantage of advanced preservation and discovery capabilities.

Intellectual Property Protection: Automatically preserve every sent and received email in the cloud, ensuring a 100% accurate and immutable repository.

Archiving: Preserve every inbound and outbound email and file attachment in the secure and dynamically scalable archive.

Search: Find and access exactly what you need in seconds with fast and accurate search tools.

The Benefits of Cloud-Based Email Archiving from DuoCircle

Control: Take full control of the management and associated costs with a single cloud platform and advanced administration tools.

No Additional Infrastructure Costs: Since cloud-based storage is used, there is no additional hardware of software to purchase.

Rapid Deployment: Since new hardware and software need not be provisioned, rapid deployment is a simple matter of selecting the level of service you require. You can be up and running is as few as 20 minutes.

Protection: DuoCircle encrypts stored data, and complies with all chain-of-custody requirements. We use WORM-compliant storage, and authenticated user access wraps your data in an additional layer of security. DuoCircle assigns permission on a role-based basis, and additionally provides an audit trail.

Search and Retrieval: Your users always have access to archived email, using advanced search and retrieval tools that integrate seamlessly with a variety of apps on both mobile and desktop platforms. DuoCircle allows unlimited concurrent searches with no search limitations or timeouts.

Exposure Mitigation: Take advantage of DuoCircle’s Office 365 integration to limit single vendor exposure.

DuoCircle’s cloud-based email archiving is more than just a storage solution. You can get started for as little as $5 per user per month, and there is no minimum user limitation.

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