Email remains the most preferred mode of communication around the world. A report in 2019 suggested that almost 294 billion emails were estimated to be exchanged every day.  There were also 3.9 billion email accounts in existence. It rose at a rate of 3% annually and is expected to touch approximately 4.25 billion users by 2022. Amidst such large numbers, it then becomes imperative to use email automation as a marketing tool.

Email marketing is one of the vital cogs in the marketing wheel and must be appropriately leveraged as it has tremendous scope and range. Most marketing agencies design their marketing campaigns based on the feedback received from email marketing. For instance, PR agencies in Dubai often rely on email marketing to reach out to potential clients and media contacts, showcasing their latest projects or events. With the growth of technology, this bulk work has been undergoing automation. It has transformed the world of marketing and the nature of email communications.


Benefits Of Email Automation

Automating email communication offers any business many benefits that seek to make its marketing operations faster and better. Here are the important ones.

Personalizing Emails

Personalizing every email will take a lot of time and effort. For instance, one must keep changing the specific salutations because most recipients overlook generic messages. Given the norms of email security and phishing protection tools, most of these emails would be directed towards the spam folder or blocked. It will all lead to a lower return on investment. A personalized email has a higher probability of getting noticed. With email automation, greater personalization of a large bulk of emails is possible. AI algorithms take care of such tasks for the user.

Return On Investment

Every organization looks at their business from the point of view of sales earned on expenses. In other words, while calculating the efficacy of any system or process, the Return on Investment or ROI is a significant factor. Transactional emails boost the revenue earned on each investment by efficiently employing marketing techniques. E-commerce owners use one such ploy. Every visitor who has spent a considerable amount of time on the e-commerce website is sent a congratulatory email stating how worthy it was for the business to have them as visitors. It plays on the sentiments of the consumer and draws them back to the website. This call to action is initiated to increase footfalls which has a direct bearing on sales. Transactional emails through automation targeting visitors and buyers can generate many times more revenue than any other method.

Greater Impact

Email automation ensures that the marketing strategy hinges on the “horses for courses” method. One standard email sent out to everyone will not have a higher success rate than segmented emails sent to the business community’s different sectors. One prime example would be the construction business, where they deal with building structures or selling construction items. An email highlighting the sector’s potential will have more excellent traction than sending them a generic email that was also being sent to the grocery business.

Email automation assists significantly in identifying the said sectors and segmenting them appropriately. It generates a more significant number of effective hits and provides improved efficiency. Also, since most of the large businesses involve anti-phishing services and ransomware protection as part of their email security paraphernalia, generic emails will, in all probability, never see the light of the day.

In-sync With The Calendar

Every consumer has a purchase cycle. It is more so when it comes to shopping for essentials and groceries. There are tracking tools that look at the shopping cycle of buyers, and when the time comes again for them to shop, an automated email is sent out to them, reminding them of their impending visit. These automated emails will also be marketing content and talk about all the sales and discounts for which the consumer might be eligible. Email automation allows businesses to gain more excellent range by expanding their search parameters. By automating the email messages and segmenting the categories, there is a more significant opportunity to increase the revenue per consumer and increase their numbers.

The World Of Drip Marketing

Drip marketing is similar to the solitary drops of water that keep dripping from the faucet, one at a time. Emails are sent to consumers at the rate of one email for a set interval in time. It is done to gradually increase consumers’ expectations and their enthusiasm about the product or the services. Drip marketing is also done to let consumers keep remembering the name and quality level of the business. It has an impact on the consumer’s psychology and hence has excellent marketing potential. With email automation, drip marketing’s task becomes more accessible, with the platform itself remembering the schedules and the content.


Email Marketing And Email Automation – Distinguishing Differences

This difference between email marketing and email automation is primarily based on two heads:

Time Taken

The usual email marketing method, including email archiving, email forwarding, or email hosting, takes a lot of time and effort. Anything that is done manually will consume human resources and eat into the finances of any organization. With email automation, it is possible to cut down the time and effort by more than half and instead use the freed-up resource for other tasks.


The return on investment through email investment is difficult to calculate because of the absence of analytics. With email automation, this challenge is overcome since every email automation platform has a dashboard that enables the user to calculate the revenue earned and the hit rate.


Final Words

The ubiquitous email is the answer for most marketing circumstances in the corporate world. The massive volume of emails exchanged between users and clients is the testimony that this communication mode is here to stay. Hence, it becomes essential to leverage marketing based on email automation as a revenue generator for the business, given the fact that the world has an estimated 4 billion email users!

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