Suppose you are running a WordPress website with user registration features and e-commerce. In that case, you need to send many transactional emails to your customers for registration, order confirmation, forgotten password issues, and so on. Even though there is a built-in provision to send an email for free, it is not entirely useful. Many directly sent emails end up in the spam folder instead of the user’s inbox.

Hence, businesses tend to go for free SMTP plugins to ensure email delivery to the intended recipient’s inbox. In this article, we’ll look at the best five free SMTP plugins.


When choosing the best free SMTP plugin, you cannot forget the Post SMTP plugin. It is one of the most popular and highly recommended free SMTP plugins available. Using this plugin, domain owners can easily configure their Gmail accounts and use it as an SMTP server to send emails. Post SMTP also comes with a chrome extension that alerts users when email sending has failed. It also comes with an email logger functionality to log all activities.


Another popular free SMTP plugin for WordPress is the WP Mail SMTP plugin. Developed by WPForms, this plugin will be quite useful if you use WPForms as the form builder for your site. Besides WPForms, this plugin is also compatible with most of the form builder plugins out there.

WP Mail SMTP also extends support to other SMTP services in the market, such as Gmail and Amazon SES. The free version of the plugin only offers limited features. The paid version can provide notification and email logging features.



WP Mail Bank

If you need a free SMTP plugin with your existing SMTP server, check out WP Mail Bank. If you don’t have an SMTP server, you can use your Gmail account as the SMTP server.
The WP Mail Bank free SMTP plugin also provides support to other SMTP services. But the free version only comes with limited features, and if you need to make use of all features, you need to go premium. With the paid version, you will get email notifications along with an analytics feature as well.


If you are looking for a 100% free SMTP plugin for your WordPress site, you can go with the Easy WP SMTP plugin. This plugin allows you to connect your website with your existing SMTP server.
There is also a free easy-to-use tool available to send test emails and check whether your SMTP server is working or not. You can either configure this plugin through code or using a configuration panel.
With this plugin, you can also use Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail as your SMTP server.

Gmail SMTP

Google provides a Gmail SMTP plugin only for the prime purpose of connecting your Gmail account. Using this plugin, you can make use of Gmail as your SMTP server.

Businesses and startups can use this free SMTP service to send emails instead of paying a hefty fee for paid SMTP services. Before you can put this plugin to use, you need to make some initial configurations in the Google Developer Console.

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