The overwhelming majority of attempts to compromise the security of business information today being with a phishing attack. By relying on the misplaced trust of users, phishing, spear-fishing, and whaling attacks gain access to confidential data: users click a link, open an attachment from a “trusted source,” respond to a social engineering attempt, or are otherwise tricked into revealing such information.

In extreme cases, money may be wired to a bogus expense or vendor account. Often the attack is successful because it appears to come from someone the employee places a high degree of trust in: a corporate executive or someone from the legal or audit departments, or a known vendor for example.

Another factor at play is that these attacks can be among the most difficult to identify. Training employees in fraud-spotting techniques is somewhat helpful, but as employees grow smarter, attacks grow correspondingly more devious and cunning. Solutions must be found to mitigate the risk of these types of phishing prevention attacks. A business’s confidential information is worth potentially millions of dollars to anyone who can acquire it unscrupulously, and bears at least an equivalent cost to an organization that suffers that information’s loss.

DuoCircle Defends Against Phishing Attacks

Ransomware, Cryptolocker and Phishing scheme authors use many techniques. One of the most effective is to send an email from a trusted domain or a URL.

When the emails are delivered to your mail server the site appears clean, but within a few hours the safe content of the site is swapped for content with a harmful payload. In this way, the first line of defense is penetrated: by the time the attack commences, your spam and virus filters have already “cleared” the site, which can then try to infect your organization’s network. Ransomware can encrypt an entire network and shut down corporations in seconds by locking users’ devices. It’s an extremely effective way to infect a corporate network.

DuoCircle’s Link Click phishing protection scans the most up-to-date protection feeds to provide click protection for users, and also helps with office 365 phishing protection. When a user clicks an unsafe link, they are prompted with a warning. DuoCircle checks and validates every link clicked against six separate online URL reputation databases.

We check multiple URL reputation databases on each click for real time link checking and validation:

  • Every URL is scanned in both incoming and delivered email. Potential risks are identified before they are opened in the user’s browser.
  • Incoming email is scanned to identify potential impersonation and social engineering based attacks that might lead employees to make wire transfers or inadvertently leak information.

You Don’t Have to Phish Long to Catch These Benefits

With DuoCircle’s Link Click Protection, your organization will:

  • Mitigate against the risk of phishing attacks, spear phishing threats, and whale phishing vulnerabilities without requiring any additional outlay of IT infrastructure or overhead moneys.
  • Instantly and seamlessly protect users against attacks on any device anywhere, without any interruption of service.
  • Control the service easily through a single unified web-based console as a part of DuoCircle’s Advanced Threat Defense Suite.
  • Apply end-to-end real time threat analysis and reporting at a granular level to improve insight.

DuoCircle’s Link Click Protection is only one tool in our Advanced Threat Defense Suite.


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