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The advancement of technology has its pros and cons. Even as you deal with emails daily while operating your business or work, you might face several predicaments. One of the worst things is getting spam emails. To get rid of the spam emails, you should start by installing a spam filtering system. In this article, let’s have a look at the key attributes, such as the concept of spam filtering, its uses, and why it is essential.

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Some might know what spam emails are all about, whereas some have no idea about it whatsoever. For those who lack the sense of what spam emails are, they are unsolicited emails one receives in one’s inbox. These emails are not wanted and hence should be removed. Therefore, the system of using spam filtering is essential. Spam filtering is advantageous because you will be able to handle or deal with your emails smoothly and with less trouble.

Features And Benefits Of Spam Filter

Today, almost all business organizations are in touch with various kinds of email services to communicate with their employees and others. But, when you use these email services, it does not mean that you will only receive emails from the people who matter to you. Instead, you will also get many unnecessary messages from various people, which would be a burden to you. It is a burden in that sense that you have to go through all your emails, then accept the needed ones, and reject the unnecessary ones. It is time-consuming. With a proper spam filtering system in place, you don’t need to worry about such troubles.

A spam filter will filter out the spam emails from all the emails received by you, so that they don’t get to occupy space in your inbox, saving you the job of rummaging among the mail, looking for spam emails and delete one by one which will waste a lot of time. Hence, it is an excellent tool for efficiency.

There are different kinds of spam filters:

  • Content filters – In this type, the spam filter identifies the spam messages by just looking at the content of your message.
  • Permission filters – This is a method wherein the recipient should approve the sender so that it will notice the spam emails separately from the accepted emails.
  • Blacklist filters – Usually, a blacklist is that which contains the blocked or unaccepted senders/spammers. This type of filter will avoid the unnecessary messages received as it knows the senders of the blacklist.

Advantages Of Spam Filtering:

  • There may be many emails received by the employees of a business organization. Some may be relevant, while others could be considered spam. It is difficult to extract the emails that are related to the respective enterprise from the inbox, and it also takes time when done manually. Therefore, by using the spam filtering system, you would be much benefitted. It will reflect further on the organization’s productivity.
  • Also, malware and viruses which could harm your computer networks would no longer be capable if you start using the spam filtering system.
  • Another positive point about it is that the unwanted messages reported already will not come into your inbox anymore; if it happens, it might prove to be a significant concern for the organization.

Using A Spam Filter

By using a set of protocols applied to emails that the recipient gets, a spam filter works based on the type of spam filter.

For every part of the email, there is a different protocol. Firstly, content filters are used to check the type of content in the email. Then, the header of the email is reviewed using the header filter. Some other filters also stop blacklisted senders and mark them as spam.

Some other advanced spam filters include filters based on a set of rules. The recipient sets these rules. Permission filters are similar to rule-based filters, except that for every email, the recipient needs to accept it, before opening it.

Every spam filter is useful based on the requirement and the capacity of the organization. For an individual, the tool used need not be expensive; however, for a larger enterprise or even for an enterprise that needs to maintain high levels of security, the spam filter has to be strong enough to surpass any spam email, virus, or malware.

Almost every enterprise nowadays requires email services, and there is a high chance of getting numerous spam emails. The best way to reduce the rapidly increasing number of spam emails is to use the spam filtering system, which is a profoundly beneficial use of technology. One can use it in combination with other methods, too; however, using this application is one of the most critical aspects in ascertaining the security of your personal information.

Custom Spam levels

Custom Spam levels

We have just added a new feature to the admin portal, and it is the ability to select a threshold for your inbound spam filtering. Depending on your business needs you can set the threshold to either low, medium or high and our system will then apply a different set of rules and thresholds to your mail.

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