While doing the right things is crucial for managed service offerings, doing things the right way is critical to the MSP’s success. The ideal setting is when the MSPs do the right things in the right way and at the right time. Here are some dos and don’ts that MSPs must follow to attain maximum profitability and customer retention.


  • Focus on strengths.
  • Understand the customer’s needs.
  • Know the target audience better.
  • Take a proactive approach.
  • Be innovative in providing solutions.
  • Have a responsive website.
  • Be clear with the marketing content and communication.


  • Do not put pricing before services.
  • Never push products that the customers don’t require.
  • Do not ignore the business’s primary website in favor of social media.

It all boils down to the three aspects of communication, pricing, and marketing, elaborated in the following sections.


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Pricing Aspects

One has to focus on customer satisfaction. However, thinking of how much one earns is also essential. Hence, one cannot overlook the pricing aspect when discussing profitability.

  • Do Have an Aggressive Pricing Policy – Everything in the world, including the different types of managed services, comes at a price. Therefore, it is better to have a competitive pricing policy, more tuned to what the different types of managed service providers offer. At the same time, one should be careful not to push the pricing list forward without having a clear idea of the services the customers need.
  • Focus on the Solutions ProvidedManaged services definition clarifies that one provides services that the customer cannot manage themselves. Hence, one should focus on the aspects that the customers need and how you, as an MSSP, can provide the ideal solutions. The primary aim is to bring value to the client’s business, and the MSP’s bottom line starts growing automatically.
  • Don’t Have a Pushy Attitude – Cross-selling the products are good, but only if the customer has a definite requirement for the same. Otherwise, it could end up as a pushy sale attempt leading to losing the customer.


Communication Matters A Lot

Customers know their destination but are unsure about the ways by which they can reach there. Therefore, the MSP has to guide them properly and help them attain their goal. It requires active communication channels to be open at all times.

Understand What the Customer Wants

Customers have their priorities, and MSPs should formulate strategies that help them achieve their goals. Hence, it is better to communicate effectively in a language that the customer understands and stands to benefit from. Using technical jargon can backfire. Therefore, understanding the customer before presenting an idea is crucial.

Don’t Take a Reactive Posture

If you go through successful managed services examples, you will find a code common to them in adopting a proactive approach to a problem. A reactive posture, on the other hand, can prove counterproductive as it can push one back. Therefore, anticipating an issue and having a solution ready for it should form a significant constituent of your managed services offerings strategy.

Learn to Say No at Times

A hallmark of a successful MSP is the ability and the courage to differ from the customer’s viewpoint and make them recognize it when they are on the wrong path. It could mean having to say NO at times, albeit politely. Such an attitude gives the customer the confidence that the MSSP would support the organization at all times. Besides, it ensures that one does not make promises one cannot keep.


Effective Marketing is The Key

The organization’s success is in reaching out to as many customers as possible. Hence, marketing is one aspect that no MSP can ignore.

  • An Out-Of-The-Box Solution Can Help – E-marketing generally comprises email newsletters, webinars, and other online interactions. However, an MSP can explore intuitive marketing avenues like conducting online website surveys to gauge customer preferences. Social media plays a vital role in this aspect. An out-of-the-box solution can help MSSPs remain ahead of the curve and ensure that the customers do so, as well.
  • Though Social Media is Critical, Do Not Ignore the Primary Asset, i.e., the Website – Social media is an excellent tool in e-marketing when it works in conjunction with the MSP website. An MSP should formulate policies wherein the organization’s social accounts direct users to the official website for detailed information. Besides, it should ensure that the information available across all social media channels is consistent.
  • Ensure That The Website Works on Mobile Devices – Today, more customers access the web on their smartphones than ever. Hence, MSPs should ensure that they offer website access through their mobile devices. In addition, they should create desktop and mobile versions of the website to attain higher visibility.
  • Have a Clear Idea of the Target Audience – The best way to reach out to the preferred clientele is to identify the target audience and know what they seek from the MSP’s services. MSPs should learn the pulse of their customers and help them realize the actual managed services meaning. It will help them rise to their full potential and prosper in business. It will, in turn, result in the MSSP’s growth and enhance customer loyalty automatically.


Final Words

MSPs are integral to businesses today because most organizations cannot do without managed services offerings. As the demand for MSPs increases, there is a higher level of competition among the different types of managed service providers. The healthy competition forces MSSPs to provide better services for identifying potential customers and retaining the existing ones. The dos and don’ts discussed above should help these MSPs do the right things the right way to enhance their profitability in this competitive era.

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