Email continues to be the single most effective means of internal and external business communication.

Almost all business today is conducted over email because it is easy to retain a record of communications and also it is simply more convenient when all messages come right to your desk. Unlike incompatible chat applications that can run on a variety of platforms, everyone can communicate over email.

But the same thing that makes email such a convenient means of corporate communication makes it incredibly attractive to hackers seeking to illicitly gain access to what is being communicated or to disrupt your business. Protecting your organization’s email communications has become vital to your success as a company. This seems obvious, but every day another business falls prey to a malware attack. Why?

They say that business is war, but what you don’t realize is that your business is being attacked, perhaps at random, or maybe even intentionally over your most used communication channels. Your corporate data may not be their ultimate target but even if they just use your system as a launching pad to compromise additional networks, there people and systems that seek to gain access to sensitive information, and to destroy the customer confidence that you’ve worked so hard to build.

Viruses have been around since the dawn of computing, and there are a number of vectors that they will try use to infect your network,  but in over 90% of cases, they will choose email to deliver their attack. The only defense is to make malware protection for email a priority within the overall IT strategy. Of course, the solution must be affordable and easy to deploy and maintain, while stopping 99% of email-borne threats before they reach your network.

DuoCircle’s Advanced Threat Defense is becoming the go-to solution for more and more corporations worldwide because it provides the complete threat protection required at a fraction of the cost of high-maintenance traditional on-site solutions.


DuoCircle’s Full Malware Protection Solution

DuoCircle is an industry-leading provider of secure cloud-based email services. As an additional level of front-line protection, DuoCircle also offers the Advanced Threat Defense Suite. This powerful suite of tools and systems offers end to end protection against email security threat.

Email-borne attacks include phishing, malware, ransomware, and more, and they are becoming more common and more sophisticated every day. DuoCircle’s Advanced Threat Defense pulls together all the tools from securtiy services your organization needs in a single integrated solution to protect and defend your employees from spam, malware, ransomware, phishing, and malicious attachments. Using an intelligent classification engine, we detect these threats in real-time and defend against them with the highest possible level of accuracy. Threats are stopped in their tracks before they can wreak havoc on your network.

Advanced Threat Defense from DuoCircle provides:

  • Protection from malware and zero-day attacks, with 100% availability.
  • Cloud spam protection that eliminates 99% of all incoming spam with a false positive rate of less than one in ten thousand.
  • Unlimited users and unlimited inbound message volume
  • Protection against domain name spoofing
  • Blocking of malicious attachments.
  • Real-time activity logs, with access to the email queue and click reporting
  • Smart Adaptive Quarantine, which puts the burden of sorting spam messages on the sender rather than the recipient.
  • A thirty-day backup queue – 30 days of MX backup service included
  • Chat, email and phone support is available 24/7

Take Care of Phishing Attacks with Advanced Threat Defense from DuoCircle

As a part of the Advanced Threat Protection Suite, Phishing Protection targets and mitigates against phishing, spear phishing, and whaling attacks. These attacks take advantage of the user’s trust, seeking to get them to open a malicious attachment or click on a suspicious link. Such attacks use social engineering techniques to fool your employees with often catastrophic results not only for that employee but the organization as a whole.

DuoCircle’s Phishing Protection scans every email for suspicious links and malicious attachments. Link Click Protection checks clicked links against six different databases, and warns the user rather than simply navigating to a suspicious link. Suspicious attachments are quarantined rather than being allowed to run free on your network.

To learn more about the Advanced Threat Defense Suite from DuoCircle.

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