As a marketer operating in the digital landscape, you must be aware of the value of customer interaction. Your email marketing campaign is likely to touch success only when your target audience interacts with your website or takes the intended action. Email marketing happens to be one of the best tactics to gain potential leads in the digital age while nurturing your existing customers. You must be aware of email security in this context, ensuring that no information gets compromised to online vulnerabilities. This explains why forward-thinking organizations count on reputed email hosting providers.

Innovative tactics of email marketing would enable you to leverage your brand awareness. At the same time, you succeed in spreading the word about your offerings and enterprise growth. Below, we discuss a comprehensive guide on what to do during such campaigns and things you must avoid.


Email Marketing Statistics You Should Check Out

Before we get started with the strategies, let’s take a look at the amazing figures.


Dos of Email Marketing

To reap the benefits of your email marketing efforts, you need to be tactical enough with your approach. Here are some guidelines that would complement your efforts.

Be specific about your target audience

The first approach to effective email marketing involves determining your target audience. In this respect, your efforts would start with building your email list. Consider potential clients who are likely to go with your product or service.

To get their email address, give away some freebies or invite them to subscribe to your portal. In return, you can obtain their emails, which would help you build your list. LinkedIn is a great platform for generating email lists, especially for B2B businesses. You can Publish articles on LinkedIn and include links to your email subscription page or use LinkedHelper to reach out to relevant target audience with high converting marketing campaigns.

Targeting a niche audience in each campaign would work out well. When you narrow down your campaign, you can reach out to customers specifically.

Make Your Campaign Goal-Oriented

Setting goals for your email marketing campaign would strengthen your efforts. When you set a long-term plan, your goals should be specific and achievable. In this context, you need to prioritize your security against online adversaries. The best service providers offer phishing protection, ransomware protection, and other such crucial tools to make sure you and your customers remain safe from threat actors’ malicious intentions. Let us now discuss the strategies to bolster your email marketing campaign.

  • Gaining new subscribers: When you enable potential customers to know about your business value and offerings, you can build a lasting relationship with them.
  • Better engagement: It doesn’t matter whether you want to promote any service, increase brand awareness or make a sale. In the end, better engagement holds the secret to a long-term marketing campaign. Try to deploy effective engagement tactics, like automated replies, quick resolving of queries, etc.
  • Offering value to your subscribers: From time to time, you need to draft compelling email copies, thanking loyal customers. This approach makes them feel motivated and prioritized.
  • Engaging inactive subscribers: If you have noticed a decline in website traffic, try to engage inactive subscribers. Arranging polls, surveys, or other interactive activities might help!



Use Technology To Your Advantage

Email automation is not the only tool that you can use to your advantage. The reputed email hosting providers offer other services such as third-party software integration and analytics, which can be significantly leveraged. You also have compelling templates and workflows to work to your advantage. In the process, you can effectively segment your audience.

Besides, you have other tools to send promotional emails without spamming the mailbox of your subscribers. The reputed email service providers have specific tactics to target emails by demographics.

Secure Your Campaign From Online Vulnerabilities

As the business owner or marketer, you would not risk the privacy of your information. Neither would you like your customer’s information to get compromised. This largely explains why successful brands focus on phishing protection in their campaigns.

Well, even when you deploy automation and other sophisticated strategies to grow your campaign, you are not immune to online adversaries. With advanced anti-phishing services, you can shield your campaigns from being disrupted.


Don’ts Of Email Marketing

Now, you are aware of what to do during your email marketing campaign. Read on to get an idea of what you must refrain from doing for your next email campaign.

Don’t Use Trigger Words

A survey reveals that around 50% of customers feel tricked when they encounter trigger words in emails. Particularly, when you send them promotional emails, this is even more evident. As an intelligent marketer, make sure not to use any such words in the header. Otherwise, your emails would directly land up in the spam folder.

Don’t Use Generic Subject Lines

When you integrate the subject lines with the reader’s name, the copy is likely to attract their attention. Personalization holds the key to user engagement and retention. A warm, catchy heading, along with a compelling email body, is likely to make an impact.

Don’t Forget To Optimize Emails

Before dispatching your emails, check out how the recipients would read them on different platforms. They might be using Apple Mail, Outlook, Gmail, Thunderbird, or any other platforms. On each of these platforms, your email will come in a different appearance. With a professional hand, you can retain consistency in appearance. Besides, more than half of the readers would be reading those emails from a tablet or mobile devices. So, don’t forget to get the emails optimized for all types of devices.


Points Of Keep In Mind For Email Marketers: Tips And Tricks

  • Deploy an MX backup to store all the incoming responses from customers when the regular server is down.
  • Using an outbound SMTP to send email authentically from any application, program, or device is highly recommended.
  • Remember not to overuse images or bombard your users with emails.
  • To streamline your campaign, you may opt for email archiving. With this approach, you would be able to protect the data in email messages and retrieve them whenever required. This also helps with compliance requirements.
  • As a tactical tool, you may count on the reputed service providers for email forwarding services.


Final Words

Remember, email marketing campaigns are likely to be successful only when you are humane with your approach. Customers are already tired of robotic messages bombarding their mailboxes in the information age. Try not to frustrate them with similar campaigns. Rather than prioritizing dollar signs and leads, focus on offering value to your customers. With a personal, simple, and warm approach, you can win their trust. Once you gain your reader’s confidence, half of the work is done!

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